About company

The company “MARSEL” was founded in 2009 and is one of the best companies in the capital by the real estate agency. The company has a large, extensive and everyday replenished database of real estate objects. In Kiev and beyond its features, a large selection of facilities allows us to offer each of our customers the option that he wants, this is buying apartments for sale, buying houses, land, commerce, renting a long one, our company works with Suborenda, our employees are always ready Help to purchase the option that the client desires. In addition to our database MARSEL provides its customers. An exclusive photo catalog of objects that they may be interested in, many options for buying apartments, houses, renting vip apartments, not expensive apartments, all at the request of the client. MARSEL has many years of experience in the real estate market. Many years of successful work in the real estate market, qualified employees who clearly know how to do their work, customers who communicate with MARSEL can be sure that there are the best specialists who will help in buying on sale, in Rent of commercial apartments. Everything is done to ensure that the client and the owners of the objects that appealed to them were satisfied. The

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